Ball Aerospace (Chicago, IL)
Lead Technician Supervisor – January 2011 to June 2011

  • Principal go between for Ball Aerospace & Aerotek for supervision and management of 13 technicians and document control specialists
  • Created round the clock working schedule for days, nights, and weekends for 24/7 coverage on machine maintenance and issues
  • Implemented payroll program and all documentation through Excel
  • Documented, reported, and lead team of technicians for proper guidelines of records for Department of Homeland Security
  • Assisted and partnered with Northrop Grumman’s Engineers for troubleshooting and documentation of Air Quality Machines in Field
  • Lead dispatching for personal to equipment at various sites in 11 different locations around Chicago
  • Responsible for maintaining 3 fleet vehicles for dispatch of technicians at various sites around area
  • Time tag, enter data, and escort all Northrop Grumman Engineers to facilities to supervise to make sure machines were correctly documented
  • Observe Engineers interaction with equipment to ensure quality of Bio-Medical machines were accurate and not manipulated

The Image Makers LLC
Project Management / General Contractor – 1988 to 2015

  • Facilitated and controlled all facets of the entire project from conception to completion
  • Familiar with all Hospital procedures having a complete understanding of hospital policies
  • Interpretation / Applications of policies, codes and regulations of all federal and state code books.
  • Human Resources / Instrumental in all contact with employment and employees
  • Projects up to $4.6 million
  • Most projects completed with no punch list
  • Multiple concurrent projects
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient team leader
  • Financial Advisor, which deals in formats acceptable to lending institutions
  • Negotiator and Closure / Handled all negotiations and closing of sales and financing
  • Statistical Analysis / Complied all analysis of any and all information pertinent to the project
  • Organizational and Planning / Handled all phases of ordering and scheduled planned arrival of product
  • Project Manager / Controlled all facets of the entire project

The Image Makers LLC Projects
Cellular Towers – Indiana, Illinois
Crown Castle (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon) / Quantum Communications

  • Excavated site for tower and road construction and installed base and topping
  • Supplied structural concrete for the tower and building base
  • Assisted in the underground and electrical power grid with backer board
  • Erected communications housing
  • Assisted in the communications installation

Coffee Creek Weir Bridge – Chesterton, Indiana
Lake Erie Land Corporation (NIPSCO) Northern Indiana Public Service Corp.

  • Constructed a 100 foot man bridge of stone and steel
  • Constructed 4 weirs to control water flow to be recycled back to the main retention pond
  • Weir was formed of imported Western Stone approximate size of 400 lb to 2 tons each
  • Modified original designed to facilitate weir bridge and pump control
  • Built a retention pond of Western Stone
  • Installed walkways of stone for on lookers
  • Excavated the landscape to blend in with the bridge

Salt Creek Golf Course – Nashville, Indiana
Project Manager / Trouble Shooter

  • Originally hired to complete (6) condominiums entire trim package (cabinets, doors, hardware, trim, etc.)
  • Called back to complete the entire project after 2 construction managers
  • Assisted in the redesign of the landscape
  • Assisted in the installation of underground sprinkler system
  • Solved a water and mold problem
  • Took over the project and completed it on time for the Indiana University Football Team and Basketball Team contract for lodging and hospitality
  • Achieved 100% customer satisfaction

Saint Mary’s Medical Center – Hobart, Indiana
General Contractor

  • For the complete erection of a two story Medical facility including x-ray equipment
  • Negotiated contracts and scope of work with all trades involved
  • Installed all roads and drainage
  • Completed the entire trim package
  • Completed project on time even with additional changes
  • Projected completed with approximately 3 items on the punch list
  • Quality of end product with complete satisfaction of customer

Dr. Pai Pain Management – Mishawaka, Indiana
General Contractor

  • Modified one building to accommodate two medical facility renovations
  • Negotiated contracts and scope of work with all trades involved
  • Secured life assisting generator back up equipment
  • Oversaw all underground utility installations
  • Worked with all medical life support equipment suppliers
  • Project completed with all State and City Medical Approvals


  • Ran for United States Congress 1st District Indiana


  • Vietnam Conflict, VP-44 Golden Pelicans, Parachute Rigger
  • Security Clearance of Secret

For 27 years, The Image Makers LLC has provided quality commercial and residential construction throughout Northwest Indiana, and Illinois. As a General Contractor we are able to provide close, hands-on job supervision from a projects conception to its exciting finish. The craftsmen that we utilize are licensed field proven professionals to insure the best quality project, in budget, and completed in a timely manner.

Northwest Indiana and Illinois

Note: The projects listed below are not in any particular order

Salt Creek Golf Course (C.A. Consultants) 36 Condo’s Nashville, IN $3 million
Winfield Family Health Center (Saint Mary’s Medical Center) Winfield, IN $2 million
Coffee Creek Weir Bridge (Owner Lake Erie Land Co.) Chesterton, IN $525,000.00
Smith (Burn-out) Crown Point, IN $104,000.00
Crown Castle Cellular Towers $8,500.00
Crown Castle Cellular Towers $125,000.00
Crown Castle Cellular Towers (Quantum Communications) $28,000.00
Ross Reformed Church Gary, IN $198,000.00
Maria Miklos Munster, IN $35,000.00
Ben & Donna Tang $45,400.00
Jerry Davy Dyer, IN $50,000
Deck the Walls (South Lake Mall) Hobart, IN $24,768.00
Holy Spirit Orthodox Parish Home: Schererville, IN $154,000.00
U.S.D.A. & Lake County Soil Conservation: Crown Point, IN $275,000.00
Dunes Scape Condominium: Michigan City, IN $585,000.00
Lithonia Track Lighting: Valparaiso, IN $195,000.00
ADCOM Advertising Agency: Merrillville, IN $104,000.00
Willow Creek Plaza: Portage, IN 175,000.00
McDonald’s: Stager, Illinois $115,000.00
Dairy Queen: Griffith, IN $85,000.00
Hardies: Griffith, IN $35,000.00
Talbot’s South Lake Mall: $45,000.00
Galemar Eye Clinic: Munster, IN $65,000.00
Woodmar Country Club: Hammond, IN $55,000.00
City of Gary Reception Center: Gary, IN $22,000.00
St. Mary’s Medical Center: $20,000.00
Edda Taylor Photography: Crown Point, IN $35,000.00
Dave Miller Chevrolet: Matteson, Illinois $50,000.00
Miller Arnell Chrysler Plymouth: Highland, IN $15,000.00
Unique Expression Beauty Salon: Merrillville, IN $45,000.00
Alert Alarm: Merrillville, IN $16,000.00
IN-Architects & Planners Office: Crown Point, IN $40,000.00
South Lake Mental Hospital: Merrillville, IN $16,000.00
Guards Laundry: Crown Point, IN $25,000.00
Assisted Living Concept: LaPorte, IN $15,000.00
Sterling House: Merrillville, IN $10,000.00
B&P Frame & Axle: Crown Point, IN $45,000.00
Ann Kutak, Historical Home: Hammond, IN $55,000.00
Ken Taylor: Cedar Lake, IN $135,000.00
Robert Arquilla: Crete, Illinois $35,000.00
Phelan: Michigan City, IN: $135,000.00
St. Mary’s Medical Center: $75,000.00
Robert Arquilla: Crete, Illinois $45,000.00
Tom Hughes 203K Project: Miller, IN: $24,000.00
Saint Mary’s Medical Center: Portage, IN $35,000.00
Saint Mary’s Medical Center: Hobart, IN $14,250.00
Coffee Creek Landscaping: Chesterton, IN $19,000.00
AT&T Phone Mart: Hobart, IN $22,000.00
Saint Nicholas Orthodox Parish Residence $20,000.00
Clifford Hall Residence $35,000.00
Kirk Van Vessen $16,000.00
OLEMAY Inc. $59,894.00
Twelve Island Restaurant $111,000.00
Angelo Pappas Buildings $120,000.00
Ruiz Residence Fire $180,000.00
Tang Residence $45,000.00
El-Naggar Residence $226,000.00
Tang Residence $150,000.00
Saint Mary’s Medical Center Winfield $12,752.00
Hyde Park Residence: Hyde Park, IL $17,050.30
Polomchak Residence $7,500.00
Otey Residence $4,400.00
Otey Residence $13,000.00
Polomchak Residence $35,000.00
Polomchak Residence $4,500.00
Smith Residence $5,400.00
Rapacz Residence $20,000.00
Otey Residence $1,100.00
Stroup Residence $2,455.00
Coulson Residence $25,208.00
Sanchez Residence $15,476.00
Faeugais Residence $9,873.00
Camisa Residence $5,386.61
Lechte Residence $1,480.00
Reed Residence $16,000.00
Doukas Residence $12,000.00
Williams Residence $10,252.00
Betts Residence $31,800.00
Stott Residence $1,270.00
Gamez Residence $5,467.00
Moffat Residence $2,415.00
Bobinac Residence $7,300.00
Norman & Even Johnson Residence $7,367.00
John Cain Residence $10,000.00
Reed Residence $27,000.00
Zajac Residence $7,400.00
St. Nicholas Church $17,000.00
Eaton Residence $11,500.00
Radio Shack Commerical $27,000.00
Ruiz Residence $160,000.00
Sampson Residence $33,470.00
Ziron Residence $17,000.00
Howard Residence $5,700.00
Gayle Residence $7,400.00
Martin Residence $39,000.00
Pain Management (Mishawaka) $1,128,804.00
Sanchez Residence $10,400.00
Trina Hiemstra Residence $32,537.71
Polomchak Residence $3,800.00
Laatch Valparaiso, IN $15,000.00 & $1,000.00
Kirk Hobart, IN $45,000.00
Gayle Residence, IN $3,797.53
Perdicaris Munster, IN $2,427.15
Fisher Cedar Lake, IN $1,400.00
Mazur La Porte, IN $513.19 & $1,006.87
Clark Schererville, IN $1,258.00
Kahanik Whiting, IN $2,314.00
West Crown Point, IN $1,532.42
Young Hammond, IN $1,400.00
Gurnsey Ogden Dunes, IN $1,510.00
Lochte Dyer, IN $1,500.00
Major Valparaiso, IN $22,000.00

City of Gary Information Center
Gary Fire Department Handi-cap ramp

As indicated, The Image Makers LLC has experience in a wide range of project types, with both new construction, and remodeling. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me.