It’s April 11th, 1988 and The Image Makers LLC is just getting started. A lot has happened since then – we’ve made a lot of new friends, worked hard to meet customer’s expectations, completed numerous projects. I look back and remember the projects that we’ve worked on, and the way we handled them…I have to say that I am pleased with the outcome. I know there’s a lot that we could be doing, but I am happy to say that we stay with what we are good at. If there happens to be something that we cannot do, then I am always glad to share my contacts with the customer so that they can get the job done, even if it’s not my forte. It’s not about the money, it’s about taking pride in what I do. I will always express my opinion to the client to let them know any and all possibilities of the task at hand, and will let them know what it will take to complete the project they are looking to have done.

I have worked on Humanitarian Projects for people who need help and I’ll be ready to assist those who just have a question and are curious as to what the next step will be. Remember if you call I will do whatever it takes to assist you with your question.


The Image Makers LLC. Team